My name is Hyunsoo. As an undergraduate student, I am presently working toward the completion of the Honours Geography program at the University of British Columbia. With research interests at the intersection of the natural and social sciences, my foci on urban morphology and design, location theory, and resource-based economies are inextricably connected. Upon the completion of my degree, I plan on furthering my education through graduate studies. 

Having had spent the past year studying Urban Systems and Economics at McGill University, I am elated to have returned to Vancouver – a safe haven from the seemingly incessant wrath of East Coast winters. Academics aside, I take solace in French literature, foreign films, red wine, and architectural design.

I am currently based in Vancouver where I am working as a Research Assistant at the University of British Columbia. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to collaborate or simply chat over coffee - I am always on the lookout for new ventures.